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Adoption Success Stories
At Cactus Cats Rescue, we appreciate all of our adoptive parents who care and love our rescued cats and kittens.  We wanted to show off a few of our adoptive parents and their new additions to their household.
Within the heart of every stray lies the singular desire to be loved.

Stormy came to Cactus Cats two years ago as a terrified adult female kitty who was traumatized by teenagers who put her in a cat carrier and dropped her out of a two story window. While Stormy physically survived the incident, it did affect her ability to trust people. Stormy absolutely hated adoption days because it meant being put into a cat carrier and cage for a few hours at adoptions. A typical adoption day was Stormy growling and hissing at people. Stormy’s foster mom put her on Petfinder in the hopes that someone will give her a chance at happiness. This past January, Stormy found her forever home, courtesy of Petfinder. 

It took several months of love and patience to let her adjust to her new life and we let her do it on her terms. She has become quite the playful kitty who doesn’t like to be left alone anymore. Do you remember how much she yelled when you put her in the carrying cage for us to bring her home? Now I pick her up everyday. She loves to smell our hair and rest her head on our shoulders. She wants to be close to someone at all times. When I'm getting ready for work in the morning, she's either on the bed talking to me, or laying across my feet. Her favorite thing to do is nestle down inside one of the bathroom sinks, where she'll sleep for hours. It doesn’t matter if you're in the shower or not! Clarity is still adjusting to certain things like playing with the other cats. She's just not sure how to go about this particular activity, but we're continuing to take baby steps every day. Each week after our trip to Costo, we bring home boxes which she loves to hide in and jump out at Milo or Emma passing by, giving them a quick, but soft slap across the face. We have our weekend early morning quite times outside. She goes in the backyard lays under her favorite plant and puts her nose in the air to smell all the wonderful scents. She's even got use to teenagers tromping in and out of the house (as long as they're willing to share their pizza!) because she doesn’t run away and hide anymore. She loves to be in the thick of all activities going on in the house.

One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to add another member to my family, so I told my husband I was taking our oldest daughter to Petsmart to fulfill this desire. He grudgingly agreed. As it turns out, this was the perfect day to go.

My daughter and I had trouble deciding which kitty would work well with our family, so we chose a rambunctious black kitten (Pumpkin) and a shy calico (Scout). There happened to be two black kittens (sisters, Pumpkin and Boo) waiting to be adopted. I really wanted to adopt both of them, but I thought my girls would be too confused if we adopted them both.

Pumpkin immediately made herself at home with the family. Unfortunately, Scout was not settling in well. We already had a large dog, and Scout refused to come out of hiding. As a result, we had to return her for her well being. I decided that I would try to adopt the other black kitten (Boo) if she had not already been taken. Sadly, she was not at Petsmart the day I had to return Scout.

Months later, I received an email from Pumpkin's foster mom, Pat. She said that Pumpkin's sister (Boo) was still looking for a home, and she asked if I knew of anyone who might be interested in taking her home. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see her email. It was fate. I contacted Pat right away and said that I would be more than happy to adopt her. Boo made the perfect addition to our family. She took a little while to warm up to us because she was not use to my young daughters. However, once she learned that our large dog and my daughters were friendly creatures, she decided that our family was the perfect fit for her. She was also excited to be reunited with her sister, Pumpkin. The two sisters now enjoy playing and sleeping with the large dog.

Nicole N.

Pumpkin and Boo
Misty has been in our family for 10 months, although it seems she has been here always. She has so many interesting rituals and self proclaimed time schedules. Although she is still very shy of loud outdoor noises, and new people coming to the house---she is totally comfortable with David and I. In the a.m. when I open up the utility room door after her night night----she rubs against my legs, runs to look out the sliding door, and then comes back to me meowing and looking up. I realized she wanted me to pick her up and hold her. When I do, she instantly begins her pur machine. She listens for David to open the bedroom door and then makes this funny noise and bee lines for the door. She then leads him into his study, lies down on the rug, rolls over and expects a tummy rub (which of course she gets). She has been such a blessing to our household and especially for David---who was diagnosed last year with beg. to moderate Parkinsons. He is totally Misty addicted. :)

David and Jacquie C.
I thought I would share this picture of Jasmine, whom I adopted from you last February 4. I know that she was special to June, and I wanted to update you all as to how she is doing. Her new name is "Ting Ting", first because all my cats have a name that starts with "T", and second because when I first tried to put a collar with a bell on it, she kicked it of with her back feet in one fell swoop. I kept asking her, "When are you going to let mommy put on a collar with a bell that goes, 'ting ting'?" And every time I'd say that, she would come running. So "Ting Ting" stuck! :-)

As you can see from the "before" and "after" pictures, her Siamese points have darkened, and she has filled out nicely! Her fur is SO soft and shiny. She hardly looks like the same cat in these pictures!! She loves her Wellness canned wet food - especially the "Turkey" flavor! - and she gets it twice a day. I took her to the vet for a 6-month check-up a few weeks ago, and he said she was at just the right weight and that she looked wonderful. She was having a little trouble settling in with the other kitties for a bit, but I bought her her own special perch, and set up a little "safe zone" for her in the corner of the bedroom, and now she is getting along much better. This picture was taken in one of her favorite spots: my grandmother's old rocking chair, which is placed in the sun in the living room, right next to the sliding glass doors leading to the patio. Although I don't let her out there, she loves to look at the patio, where I have hummingbird feeders. She is on her special little fleece bed, made by Maine-ly Cats, a rescue from my home state of Maine. (I know June is from there, too, so I thought I would mention it.) They make wonderful fleece cat blankets, cat beds, and toys with organic cat nip, with all proceeds benefiting the cats. . .every time I go home to Maine for a visit, I pick up something for the babies. :-) 

Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update to let you know how well she is doing. This little one is my baby; she brings so much joy into my life, and it has been wonderful working with her and seeing her blossom into the sweet, loving girl she is. Thank you for all you do for cats like my little Ting Ting!  

Ting Ting
Jake and Rascal (Baby) are Cactus Cats Alumni. They were inspecting the workmanship on the first batch of fleece cage liners I made for the wire display cages. Fleece is softer and the cats love to lay on it.

Marilyn D.
Jake and Rascal
Callie and Bear
We got our first new home in July of 2011, for several years I had promised my daughter that she could have a cat as soon as we got our house. We had our home only two weeks when I was given no more time to wait. We live out in Maricopa and the pets mart that we go to is in Ahwatukee so it was quite a drive, on our way to the store I had to tell my daughter not to get to excited as she wanted a calico kitty and that there was no way to be sure that they would have one available that day and we were set on getting a rescue kitty. As fate would have it our little Callie (at the time known as miss lola) would be the first kitty my daughter would see coming in through the door, top cage first one by the door. She was only 12 weeks old and no bigger then your hand when we got her and my daughter was in love the moment she saw her. We brought her home and my daughter has not had a day since that she has not cuddled or loved upon that lovely cat. While she is not quite the cuddle kitty that she was as a kitten she still will let my 12 year old daughter love upon her without hesitation. We adopted a dog named Rex , (a terrier/Chihuahua mix) in February 2012 and while Callie and Rex did not get along right off the bat they have come to at least share the house well. In November of 2012 I felt that our animal family just was not complete without a Black cat and so I went in search of one and knew that Cactus Cats was the place to go, so again off to the PetsMart in Ahwatukee and I found Bear, at the time a 9 month old male cat, I was set on an older cat, and a black cat as I know that they have a harder time getting adopted and this pet was more for me as I missed having a snuggle kitty. We fell in love with Bear (who at the time was called Magneto) but had to do some errands, we missed the closing time and thought we would lose him, however we tracked down his foster mom who happened to live very close to us. We were able to pick him up the very same day and our family has been complete ever since. The two cats took a while to get used to each other but now they both have someone to play with and keep them company even sharing a nap together in a chair. It is so good for the heart to see them playing and chasing each other through the house, the joy the bring to my kids, and the way that when one of my children wake to having a cat sleeping next to them can make their whole day brighten. I grew up in a house full of pets and for me the few years that we spent without an animal were the hardest, our two babies have been a joy and delight no matter the trouble they bring, (like Bear who still can’t quite find his grace and falls off things all the time), or (Miss Callie who has figured out how to use our dog door but only goes outside to do her business and then goes to the front door to be let in cause she rather someone let her in rather then go in through the dog door.)  

  So there is the story of our lovely babies and hope that you enjoy it as well. I resist the urge to stop by the Pets Mart on Saturdays as I fear I will bring home another, keep up your good work! 

Dawn Mumma
Athena Mumma (12 ) 
Xander Mumma (9) 

Maricopa, AZ 

We adopted Vette from you in mid-December. We love her so very very much. We already had a cat and were concerned that they may not get along but your 30 day trial period really allowed us to adopt her without reservations. Vette and our cat ninja cuddle and play all the time. Thank you for helping us pick out the kitty that was best for us. We appreciate all your help and understanding throughout our adoption process. We will send a picture. 

With much love and gratitude,
Jamie and Josh M 

It was, of course, destiny that Ding Dong would come to live with me.

A couple of years ago, while at the vet, I started chatting with a lady who had a carrier full of kittens. She told me they were rescues and told me all about Cactus Cats Rescue. After my appointment was over, I paid my bill, and paid a bit of Cactus Cats’ bill. Since I had 6 elderly cats and an aging dog, I wasn’t in a position to adopt or foster, but I would now and again pay some towards the vet bill over the next year or so. 

Last year, during a conversation standing around the coffee maker at work, I discovered that a co-worker was a foster family for Cactus Cats. He told me all about the cats in his care and showed me pictures of them. Last December, he invited me to drop by Petco to see the huge adoption event that was going on that weekend. Even though the oldest of my cats and my dog were now gone, I still was not actively looking for a new cat.

I arrived at the adoption event and found Jennie and Mark. After chatting for a few second, Mark handed me young black cat with copper colored eyes. She was a beauty, and snuggled down quite happily into my arms. I held her the entire time we were talking and watching folks pick out their new cat. When it was time to go I gave her back to Jennie and headed home. My mother lives with me now, and I couldn’t just spring a new animal on her.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about those copper eyes. So we talked it over and decided that we would adopt Ding Dong. I picked her up that Monday and brought her home. I couldn’t get any pictures of her first days in her new home, because she’s a little whirlwind. She investigated her new home at lightning speed. 

We soon got her a puppy as a playmate, also a rescue, and they are best friends, even though the puppy steals her catnip toys and pulls the stuffing out of them. She finally slowed down enough that I could get pictures.

My mother calls her Amy. My sister, when she visits, calls her Mamie. I call her Mei Mei (which means little sister). So I guess her new name is Amy Mamie Mei Mei. She seems to like it. She races through the house all day, frustrating her puppy playmate with her ability to leap over the furniture. She likes to sit on the window seat and watch the birds in the backyard and chatter at them. At night, she sleeps on my feet.

Ding Dong is home, and I can’t imagine home without her.

Mary Jenkins

pictures are Amy looking frustrated because the dog gutted her catnip toy and Amy playing with the dogs new tennis ball (turn about is fair play)

Amy Mamie Mei Mei